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“These kids can dance. They move with
energy... and their joy is infectious. They look
like they know they were born to dance.
It’s written all over their faces.”

News and Updates

Allie & Glen’s Wedding!

Almost a year following the surprise proposal at “A Celebration of Dance” the day finally arrived for Allie & Glen to tie the knot.

On a stunning cliff top overlooking a rugged west coast beach Allie & Glen exchanged vows in front of family and friends, on a glorious (and extremely hot!) sunny afternoon.

As with all good perfectionists everything was planned down to the finest detail.

In the theme of ‘classic sophistication’, Allie & Glen spent the year planning, designing and creating a day to remember. From the beautifully constructed invitations hand made by Allie and her bridesmaids to the groomsmen’s red ties, specifically made to match the bridesmaids deep red dresses. Every detail was carefully considered to ensure a personal and memorable occasion.

As only fit for a dancer teacher’s wedding, music and dance were at the centre of the celebration. Allie’s nephew Bryce led the groomsmen in rocking on his blow up guitar. Each groomsman had a song to make an entrance to. Enjoying the attention, the boys certainly made the most of their time at centre stage! They did a marvellous job of setting the scene for the entrance of the flower girls, bridesmaids and of course the beautiful bride. To an elegant piano accompaniment written by one of Allie’s close friends, Allie glided gracefully down the hill on the arm of her very proud father. It was a moment of deep emotion as the sun came out and the bride reached her groom.

In a relaxed and short ceremony with a lovely minister, Bryce again charmed the guests with a reading from Corinthians. The setting of the flax bushes and the rugged west coast Kariotahi beach looked gorgeous as a backdrop. Allie and Glen wrote their own vows and had together designed a special ring for Glen. The minister did a wonderful job of acknowledging the efforts of Allie and Glen, their family and friends who all created the day into the special occasion it was. Again the scene was complimented by the talents of Allie’s friends and their ukuleles’ singing “Your Love is a Song” for the signing of the register and as the newly wedded couple ascended the hill together symbolising their new beginning.

After the formal occasion the guests all gathered around for delicious canapés, lovely champagne and more gorgeous sounds from Allie’s friends who had for the occasion banded together to create a jazz trio. It was truly an occasion full of love and friendship as guests expressed their messages of goodwill through the use of a blackboard and some creative photography.

After the family and friend photos the bridal party were whisked off in four wheel drive vehicles up the back of the hill for a very entertaining photo shoot. Allie hitched her fitted, figure hugging and very stunning wedding dress up and climbed over barbed wire fences and waded through large tussock. She was dramatically rescued in a fireman lift from a rock surrounded with water and at the end of it all, had her feet hand washed in a tub of scented water by her new husband.

As the evening continued the guests treated to delicious food and drink, wonderful speeches and excellent service from the wonderful staff of Castaways. Each table displayed a photo of Allie and Glen at different ages and added a lovely personal touch to the dining experience. Glen even serenaded Allie with his own, newer version of “Saturday Night at the Movies.” There were some beautiful telegrams from friends further a field and of course students and their families who are all a part of the dance4everyone family.

Our students did a magnificent job of offering and describing their thoughts on love and working together to create different dances all based on the different people, things, food and feelings relating to love. This was compiled into a short movie and presented to Allie and Glen at their wedding. It was a very humbling experience and we are all so proud and grateful for the effort everyone put in to allow this to happen.

Finally as only could be expected, the guests were treated to two spectacular wedding dances, both choreographed by Allie. The first was a beautiful waltz that Glen very patiently mastered on Tuesday afternoons prior to the wedding. The second dance was a bridal party extravaganza. Travelling down to Cambridge to meet some of the groomsmen and teach them the rock and roll steps showed the level of commitment the bridal party shared for the wedding. The Grease number “You’re the One that I want” proved a complete crowd pleaser as Allie and Glen’s strutted their stuff and were joined by the rest of the bridal party for the finale.

The festivities continued into the small hours of the morning and a great night was had by everyone. It was a wedding of “Classic Sophistication” full of love and joy and made possible by the commitment Allie and Glen dedicated to each other and the patience and attention to detail that are very well understood and loved characteristics of our very special and newly named Allie Fitzgerald.

Photos by Fine Photography.