“These kids can dance. They move with
energy... and their joy is infectious. They look
like they know they were born to dance.
It’s written all over their faces.”

News and Updates

A Celebration of Dance!

On December 13 2009, dance4everyone celebrated their first ever end of year concert! A number of months in planning and creation, students had 8 weeks to re-learn some of the highlights of the dance4everyone repertoire and prepare a large finale number to be presented by all those performing.

A Celebration of Dance was a challenging and unique show that required a large number of dedicated and extraordinary volunteers, organized with precision to ensure the highest level of success and enjoyment for our fabulous performers.

dance4everyone are proud to announce that this show was an absolute success and all involved had a fantastic time. It really was a special occasion to see our students perform onstage with costumes and lighting. The challenge of stage production was met professionally by all of our students including negotiating costume changes and stage entrances, not to mention that this was the first occasion that most of our students had met! It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to interact and it was particularly endearing to see some of our older students helping out the younger ones. The atmosphere was very positive backstage and shone through in the performance onstage. With limited rehearsal time onstage before the actual performance, our students handled the situation superbly and they danced beautifully.

Once again we cannot help but acknowledge the help of our volunteers. Their excellent patience and guidance assured the smooth running and calm atmosphere that allowed the students to be the best performers they could be. From technical help, assisting backstage and to feeding the performers, crew and audience we really could not have asked for a more considerate and caring group of people.

Allie, Natalie and Rebecca had a fantastic time and are incredibly proud of all the effort our students made in preparing their dance numbers for the show. The hard work and effort of all involved was very well rewarded and we look forward to many more performing opportunities for the dance4everyone family!

For those that could not join us on the day, we cannot bypass the lovely and fitting ending to our show with the marriage proposal from Glen to our gorgeous director Allie!

Congratulations and best of luck with wedding preparations and a long and lovely married life ahead.