“These kids can dance. They move with
energy... and their joy is infectious. They look
like they know they were born to dance.
It’s written all over their faces.”

News and Updates

dance4everyone at camp!

During the recent school holidays Allie and Rebecca attended the Janet McVeagh camp at Motu Moana, Blockhouse Bay to teach a Creative Dance Workshop.

The theme for the camp was Recycling and Glee! It took only a moment for the ingenious mind of Allie to successfully merge the two ideas into an accessible and appropriate dance format and off we headed to deliver a successful workshop.


Around 46 willing students were split into two groups to learn a dance to the fantastic Olivia Newton John number "Lets get Physical". Some inspired revival of sensational 1980's dance moves established a chorus for both groups to learn. Sue Sylvester would have been proud of our Jazzercise efforts!

The groups then each had to collectively recycle dance movements they had performed before to create a sequence to dance in alternate verses. The creative minds of the students were impressive and we saw two distinctly styled sequences arise. It was certainly a tall challenge for Allie and Rebecca to remember the movements and the order for both groups. The students were our saving grace filling in the gaps on the momentary occasions we turned to each other with blank looks.

In the final 30 minutes both groups came together to perform one big Gleeful dance and it looked sensational! These Campers all knew how to shake their tail feathers.

It goes without saying that the Camp Leaders did an excellent job of supporting, encouraging and remembering and were a pleasure to dance with.

We want to express our thanks to the Janet McVeagh crew and especially Kerrie for inviting us into the camp for a second year. We had heaps of fun and look forward to further collaborations.